The whos, whys, and others of algebrawesome.


Algebrawesome is dedicated to helping all people learn math. The goal is to turn those challenging and boring elements of the study into something interesting. Math is far greater than algebra so we are here to help you not get stuck.

Teachers are the bedrock of education and we are all excited as educators with the volume of cool methods and tools coming out. We are building this site from the educators’ perspective and would be glad for any suggestions, additions, or input.


That's a pretty good version.
That’s a pretty good version.

Redmond Wallace is a teacher, metalsmith, artist, and some more. He has been teaching for six years. Teaching is his calling but he also likes making pretty things.

Our development team prefers to stay to itself and focus on working with new toys.



Check back here as we get more but so far:


Memphis Business


Teachers with apps.

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