Whole: A game about fractions.

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This simple and effective game has garnered rave reviews from students, teachers, and parents. While it is designed for school aged learners, everyone has found a need to brush up on fractions.

Fractions are one of the key skills to developing number sense and are a gatekeeper to algebra. Students struggle to understand the way they work. Whole is a game designed so that the concept is simple, one just adds up the tiles to make a whole, but the success requires the player to learn how the numbers work. We could see the value of the game from our initial classroom tests. Students soon came up to us to brag of high scores.

wholescreen1How does it work? This is a game primarily for students who have been introduced to fractions. It can be used from those early days in elementary through high school and beyond. Many people play it because it simply for the challenge. The Classroom page includes lessons and ideas for teachers. Any educator is welcome to send in new plans so we can share how he or she used it.

At its heart, Whole is a way for kids to play with numbers and build a natural understanding so that the classroom direction makes more sense. Our ultimate goal is for kids to develop this knowledge and free educators up to incorporate more of the wickedly cool stuff of math in class.


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“I can’t stop playing it!”

“The kids loved it and became addicted to getting a high score. It was great hearing them say one fourth plus one fourth makes a half… I think more than half of them will go home and download the app today.” Whitney, a 4th grade teacher.

“Simple and effective.”

“Insanely addictive puzzle and math game.”

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