Some other little adventures and useful bits.

What we have here is a failure to elongate. This is home to a few games, lessons, and just otherwise funky things to help with learning.  They are made mostly with Scatch so anyone is free to grab and play with the code. *Some of these projects may not work well on mobile devices. Fear not if they ask for a name, nothing is saved. We just thought it would be a fun part for the player.
Zeno’s Starfish.

This is Zeno’s Starfish.  He is here to help describe one of the paradoxes of motion proposed by Zeno of Elea. There are various stories on the details of his life but he was greatly influenced by Parmenides, one of the main pre-Socratic philosophers.  He followed some idea of oneness and that motion is an illusion.  He used his paradoxes to help support his argument in one way or another.
The basic idea is that the shark will never reach the starfish because it is always going 1/2 a distance closer and one can not divide something in half and end up with nothing.  The concept has played a role in philosophy and math since Zeno proposed it.
Fractions in the Visual

This little game is to help show folks the mechanics of adding fractions.  The name part is just so you can show your score to your teacher or friends, ’cause it’s okay to brag a little.

Distributing your way to prosperity.


Does distributing confuse you?   Adding seems like the easiest of tasks but it makes for the most confounding parts of algebra.

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